13 proven tactics to Increase YouTube Subscribers In 2021 (Without Buying Them)

Do you want to Increase your Youtube Subscribers Fast? Did you know that 1 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube a day? That’s about 8.4 minutes per person per day.

It is no coincidence that YouTube is “The second largest search engine”. YouTube receives over 30 million visitors every day and 5 billion searches in a month. YouTube’s search volume is more than Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and Ask combined.

Content Marketing needs to evolve every day, but videos are and will continue to rule the content marketing strategy.

Marketers find it hard to ignore such a popular channel. But we must not forget the fierce competition in this social network. There are a lot of videos on almost any topic on YouTube.

But how to stand out from the competition?

Increase Youtube Subscribers

Below you will find 13 proven tactics that will help you increase YouTube subscribers. Keep in mind that in addition to suggestions, to grow channel subscribers with a small investment you can buy international youtube subscribers.

It’s time to grow the subscribers of your Youtube channel through some strategic work. Here are 13 tips to help your YouTube subscribers grow quickly!

13 tricks to increase Youtube subscribers

Clean up your channel before you try something new, you need to clean everything well. Remove obsolete and low-quality content, to start clean.

Publish only quality videos

Of course, it’s not new to you that YouTube has a lot of bad quality videos. But this is not a reason to lower the level. To continue attracting subscribers, offer them only the best content in your industry. To achieve this goal it is necessary:


Analyze videos from competitors and other industries, paying particular attention to the most successful content. Think about how to improve your videos. Try to awaken strong emotions in the audience.


Try not to improvise. Plan ahead, read, and modify the script until you get the desired result. This will help you tell the story as effectively as possible. Take it as a rule of thumb for writing scripts, and once you’ve mastered this art perfectly, you’ll be able to take your videos to a whole new level.


You don’t need an expensive camera to shoot professionally. Modern smartphones are a great alternative. What you really need is a plain background, a studio light, and a tripod. Of course, this will depend on the video format, but even basic equipment will make your image look more professional.


Did you know that at least 20% of visitors turn off their videos within the first 10 seconds? That’s why you need to get the most out of this moment. Forget about the simple introductory screen saver and include the coolest things in this part of the video.

Create an exciting trailer

YouTube has an amazing feature: the channel trailer. This is a short video that is automatically played for all visitors to the channel.

The quality trailer helps attract new subscribers. To do this, it should be

  • short (30-60 seconds),
  • relevant
  • informative.

Also, it should bend to viewers why they have to subscribe to you, using the call to action. 

When people come to your channel, the channel trailer serves to hook them! The channel trailer is meant to highlight who you are, why your videos are interesting, and why a person should have an interest in being updated on the videos you post.

Use the trailer to create curiosities. The purpose of your trailer should be to arouse curiosity and interest in the viewer to see your other videos. Obviously, with the trailer, you do not have to give away all your information but the necessary information to let them know what will be the topics you will cover in your video content and the things to keep an eye on shortly.

Make sure you talk to each of your viewers in the video. Make sure your content speaks directly to their pain points and illustrate to them how your video will help them solve their problems.

Over time, don’t be afraid to edit your trailer. If you find that you are not getting enough views and the number of subscribers to the channel is not growing, this could be a possible reason.

Treat the channel trailer as if it were a movie trailer. You would never go to a movie where you didn’t like the trailer. The same reasoning also applies to your channel trailer.

As with your thumbnails, it also peeks at the competition when it comes to making your channel trailer.

Analyze your competitors who are successful, what they are doing in their channel trailer that gets them so many viewers and subscribers

Take a video that is no longer than 5 minutes

Do your videos last 30-60 minutes due to the complexity of the industry? But long videos are not suitable for YouTube. Regardless of the complexity of the product, your videos should be no longer than 5 minutes.

Because? Many types of research confirm that users’ attention span is reduced. According to HubSpot, the ideal video length for YouTube is 2 minutes.

Edit your long videos and turn them into short and interesting clips.

Combine your videos into playlists

Do you have a video related to a common theme? Combine them into a playlist. This will allow viewers to easily continue watching and eliminate the need to search for clips manually.

Thanks to playlists, visitors will spend more time on your channel and discover a lot of useful content.

Add a call to action to your video

You probably know how to create compelling calls to action. So why not use them in videos? YouTube offers simple features to add Call to Action directly to videos. You have two options:


You can use it to encourage viewers to sign up, view the next video, or visit your website. Choose items that match your goals. The screen saver can last 5-20 seconds and be placed on the video for at least 25 seconds.


Tabs with links, other videos or playlists, and even polls allow you to add interactive elements to your video.

Create a preview with people

The preview is a calling card of the videos, so it should be as attractive as possible.

There is a trick. Choose to preview a photo of a smiling person looking right in front of you. People react better to other people, so your video is sure to grab attention.

Thumbnails are a vital tool for attracting views and new subscribers to the channel. Used primarily on smartphones, many successful YouTube channels use custom thumbnails to grab attention and entice users to click the play button.

When you upload a video, YouTube automatically generates three frames to choose from. But these may not be the best representations of your content. Upload your own image thumbnails which add a fun and creative touch to your page.

Along with your channel name, the thumbnail is the first thing viewers will see, so make it an important part of your strategy. First impressions are everything.

Finally, some users look at the information in the thumbnails. Therefore, when creating the thumbnail, be sure to mention the topic of the video. Also, the topic mentioned in the thumbnail and the actual topic of the video must be the same. If not, your video may receive spam.

Post new videos regularly

Of course, for many teams, it won’t be easy. But even if you can’t post new videos often, do it regularly. Users won’t want to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t uploaded new content in a long time.

Posting 4 new videos in a week and not being reminded to forget about videos for the whole of next month is also a bad idea. Create a publishing schedule and stick to it, as a result, users will be more likely to subscribe to your channel.

Assign a budget for advertising

An effective way to attract subscribers is through paid promotion. Allocate a budget for the development of your channel and don’t worry, the costs will be recovered.

YouTube offers a variety of advertising formatsbanners, pop-up messages, video ads, sponsorship cards, etc. Furthermore, on this platform it is possible to use all the features of targeting, choosing the audience by interest and demographics.

Promote the channel to online communities

It can be a social media group or a popular website – if your videos are relevant to the community, feel free to talk about them. The main thing is that your content is valuable and helps solve problems. Being promoted in the communities will help you attract many new subscribers and fans of the brand.

Give a good reason to sign up

People love free stuff. Offer them a gift (or an opportunity to win a gift) for a subscription. 

Run a competition between channels. Offer users to win a valuable prize for Instagram and comment and subscribe to the YouTube channel. This proven approach will provide you with many new youtube subscribers in a short time.

Offer additional content. In each video, announce that you will send a free e-book or monthly subscription to your service to all new subscribers. A great reason to sign up.

Optimize your YouTube channel

Make sure your videos are optimized for search. To fit them into a good SEO module, use the following tips:

  • Include keywords in your titles. Also, make sure the headers are no longer than 50 characters.
  • Add subtitles for each video. This is a type of video text that will improve indexing.
  • Optimize the description. Don’t stuff it with keywords, just make it fun and quality.
  • Don’t forget the meta tags. Meta tags are another way to include keywords in your video. Explore popular videos in your industry and find out what meta tags they use.

Study and take a cue from the competition that has good results

When watching a video, always think about what is so unique or interesting in the video you are watching.

Ask the same question when watching a video from your Youtube channel, this will benefit you a lot and make you learn better about how to work for yourself to make your videos more and more interesting and also to provide value through your video.

Competitor analysis is also crucial for you. Analyze their channel, check which video got the most views and why it happened.

See the thumbnails, video title, description, and even hashtags, this will make your planning for the future more effective and strategic.

Find the right influencers

Easier said than done. Obviously, you are wondering: How can I find the right influencer, able to personify the values ​​and message of my Youtube channel? Where do I start? 

Don’t worry there are a couple of ways to start finding an influencer to partner with.

You can start your search by using topics within your industry on YouTube that are related to the products/services you offer. This way you can find out who is posting videos about your favorite topics and whether these people have a lot of followers and interactions with their videos. If so, check that the influencer is interacting with their viewers consistently and also how followers interact with the influencer.

This is important to make sure that there is a good relationship between the followers and the influencer, only so you will know that your brand is represented positively by the influencer. 

Once you have analyzed their business, you can make direct contact with the person. Influencers usually indicate their emails for business proposals in the About Us section.

When you’re supported by an influencer who has a solid relationship with their followers, people are more likely to visit your channel. Having a reference person already known and trusted can help you a lot to get the better of the competition.

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