Content Writing jobs: How to find work on online platforms 

Content writing is a great way to earn money sitting at home. Under this job, you have to write content on a particular topic in your language. Everyone knows how to write and if your writing skill is good, you can earn money sitting at home with this skill. There are many people who earn 30-40 thousand rupees a month by doing a content writing job. Many people do freelancing along with content writing.

How to find Content Writing Jobs On Online Platform

Actually, content writing is also a part of freelancing. If a person has an art and uses that art for another person and the other person gives money in exchange for it, it is called freelancing. There are many website or content writing platforms available that provide you jobs according to your skills. Today in this post you will read how you can find a good content writing platform for yourself.

How to find job of content writing on online platforms

There are many websites that provide content writing jobs. You can start these jobs today by creating an account on these websites. You can earn $5 per hour from these sites. Remember, this website will give you money only after getting the approval of the customer after completing the work. He can give a rating on the quality of your work. Freelancer has to work till the customer’s choice. There are many websites through which you provide the facility to connect directly with your client. There are many companies that employ Employee Hire for Content Writing. There are many companies for content writing for which you can work.

Here are some websites that provide content writing jobs. Hundreds of thousands of people use these platforms to find the right freelancing gigs for themselves. While some of them offer gigs for free, they charge some fee.

Best Freelance Websites for Content Writers


Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance sites, where freelancers sell their services in a variety of categories. But it is no surprise that content writing is one of the most popular services on Fiverr.

This website hosts thousands of writers who can cater for just about any project or budget. Like several other freelance websites, you’ll be searching on Fiverr for “gigs,” or work produced by freelancers.

The only downside is that it will take time to dig through all the gigs that you do not have.

Upwork offers the opportunity for freelancers to work on ideal ventures. It means running your own business and choosing your clients and ventures. All you have to do is build a profile on the website and once you do that they will start displaying the best work openings in your profile.

There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a programmer, designer, journalist, IT technical, or even a translator. You can charge every hour for each individual project or you can have a fixed price. What’s more, the customers trust you how well you do.

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